Investment Strategies

Fixed Income

Our Risk Level: Minimal

General Target Returns: 5-8%

A fixed-income strategy aims to preserve capital and generate income through interest payments on loaned capital. Fixed-income investments are derived from debt, which are typically high-yield, short-term assets. This strategy has minimum risk because the asset collateralizes the loan in case of default.


Our Risk Level: Low

General Target Returns: 6-8%

A Core strategy is focused on stability and generating income from dividends while also allowing for some appreciation through leasing to creditworthy tenants in well-located, stabilized properties. The Core philosophy focuses on slow, consistent returns for long-term growth.

Core Plus

Our Risk Level: Moderate

General Target Returns: 8-10%

Core plus strategy is similar to Core but may have high-quality tenants in a property in a slightly lower quality property. A Core Plus investment may carry more risk but can have the potential to produce higher returns. Our goal is to increase cash flow through management efficiencies, light rehab, and improve the quality of tenants.

Value Add

Our Risk Level: Moderate to High

General Target Returns: 10-12%

Value add strategy focuses on medium to high-risk investments to achieve significant appreciation through value-add activities such as major renovations, re-tenanting, or changes in use. This strategy is capital intensive and has a longer holding period than the other strategies but can produce higher returns.


Our Risk Level: High

General Target Returns: 12+%

An opportunistic strategy is one where we are willing to take on more risk for the potential of a higher return. These investments are usually in new or untested markets or properties that need more extensive renovations. These situations are typically complex and require significant capital and expertise to execute successfully.

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