Make your real estate investing smarter.

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We’re reimagining all aspects of real estate to bring you an incredibly easy-to-use platform that is smarter for your financial goals.

High-quality assets, durable wealth generation

Investing is deeply personal, and we prioritize your wealth. We’re taking real estate strategies that have been used by institutions, hedge funds, and the wealthy 1% and opening it up for everyone to access.

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Strategies designed to be resilient

We merge our rigorous process with our proprietary network and the collective buying purchasing power of our investor community to source high-quality assets for you.

Give your money some serious focus

Need help with retirement or other large financial goals? Concreit provides advice to give you a better shot at achieving your goals with customized plans.

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Smarter platform to maximize payouts

We’ve built unique technology that allows you invest fractionally and maximize your payouts through fractional dividends beyond the penny as well.

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Trust • Track • Transparency

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Not like other investment platforms

As a registered investment advisor with the SEC, and we care about building your wealth and are not just here to push a deal.

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We know that money is personal

We hand-selected a team of professionals with over $10 billion in asset management experience to oversee your investments.

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Extreme transparency

Our platform makes our investments, decisions and details transparent so you can understand why we made those decisions.

Join over 40,000 smart members

Invest in tomorrow with a fully managed & transparent private real estate portfolio.

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