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Meet the app that enables you to build wealth in real estate with the help of experts.

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Build wealth
while doing less work.

In less than 5 minutes, invest in a diversified real estate portfolio, set up financial goals, and discover new real estate knowledge.

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Set $250 auto-invest
Every week


Invest in what works for you when it works for you with our auto-investments and financial goals.

Managed by experts

Property cards.


Access alternative investing through expertly-managed strategies with curated assets.

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We’re chosen by tens of thousands of clients and backed by leading investors and innovators.


Make real estate key to building your wealth

Use the calculator to see how your money can grow over time:

Monthly Investment


Savings account after 30 years


Concreit after 30 years


$ in income

Chart is a hypothetical comparison. Investing involves risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed.
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It’s not a real estate app.
It’s Concreit.

Achieve your goals

Setup a new income stream target or a savings goal with ease.

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Stay in the know

Our highly-rated app gives keeps you up to date in real-time with your account, portfolio and asset-level information.

Headache-free real estate

Expertly managed real estate assets and properties allow you to live your life without the stresses of direct ownership.

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Compound wealth faster

Get paid more frequently than other platforms with weekly dividends and maximize your payouts with our rewards.

Performance not guaranteed. See details below.

Join over 40,000 smart investors

Invest in tomorrow with a fully managed & transparent private real estate portfolio.

Get Started

What makes us a Concreit idea?

Built to make it easy

We’re here to guide you through different  real estate strategies, risk levels and goal setting.

Diversified Investing

Our strategies are expertly-managed and curated with exclusive assets to help your money grow with less volatility.

Modern Platform

We’re reimagining real estate investing to bring this private asset class into what today’s investors need.

Grow Equity

Watch your equity grow as the underlying real estate appreciates & your earnings compound.

Consistent Income

Earn rental and fixed income and potentially receive payouts weekly

Hedge Inflation

Real estate investments can serve as a hedge against inflation.

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What our clients are saying

  • Nice app for a commercial investor like myself. It’s not easy investing in private money lending as an individual on your own. Concreit has simplified it for the everyday investor.


  • Their staff is always available for any questions regarding the app, but it’s so straightforward, I doubt you will have any to begin with.


  • This is an investment made with investors in mind. And the team is really easy to communicate with in case you ever have any questions.


  • I’m a sucker for UI/UX and this app made everything incredibly easy to make my money continue to grow.


Frequently asked questions

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high-yield savings account?

Is this legal?

Are you just another crowdfunding
real estate portal?

How do withdrawals work?

Is my money protected or guaranteed?

Is my information secure?

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