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Easily supercharge your savings

Invest in an exclusive strategy that gives you a shot to grow your cash faster than just letting it sit at a bank.

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Each dollar is backed with real estate
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Potential weekly payouts
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Flexible access to your balance
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Automated Investments
Investing includes risk of loss.  No bank guarantee and not FDIC Insured.
5.5% annualized rates
Past performance not a guarantee of future results.   See important disclosures below.

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Invest in tomorrow with a fully managed & transparent private real estate portfolio.

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Watch your money compound and setup automatic investments.

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Restrictions apply.
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What people are saying about us

Nice app for a commercial investor like myself. It’s not easy investing in private money lending as an individual on your own. Concreit has simplified it for the everyday investor.


Their staff is always available for any questions regarding the app, but it’s so straightforward, I doubt you will have any to begin with.


This is an investment made with investors in mind. And the team is really easy to communicate with in case you ever have any questions.


Overall I am a bit skeptical when it comes to my money and who I put it with.


I’m a sucker for UI/UX and this app made everything incredibly easy to make my money continue to grow.


You can’t make money on your savings or checking accounts, like you can with Concreit .


Concreit is very upfront and honest with what to expect. I’ll be here long term.


They have created a way for unaccredited investors (the average person) to be able to invest, learn, and take advantage of something most wish they genuinely could.


Great interface and easy to use. What a way to make money by doing nothing!


Awesome real estate investment for anyone
Slick app. No minimums.


See important disclosures below regarding testimonials. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Security that you can trust

Serious Security

All data on our servers are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption, the same as what top banks use today.

Privacy & Protection

Your data is never sold. Your private information is only used to create an account. We take active measures to prevent and protect against fraud for your safety.
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Asked Questions

How is this different than a
high-yield savings account?

Is this legal?

Are you just another crowdfunding
real estate portal?

How do withdrawals work?

Is my money protected or guaranteed?

Is my information secure?

Concreit Investor Success members

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Speak with one of our Investor Success members to find out if Concreit is a fit for you and how it might be able to fit in your portfolio.

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