25 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn More in 2023

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April 20, 2022
Real Estate Affiliate Program

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Did you know that real estate agents aren't the only professionals that can make money in real estate? You can be in the real estate business without getting certified to sell homes. In fact, you don't have to work in real estate at all, and you can still make money by using the best real estate affiliate programs.

All you need to start is a platform with followers. It helps if you have a lot of followers, but your affiliate programs may even help you gain more followers and make more money.

Here's everything you must know about the best real estate affiliates today.

What Are Real Estate Affiliate Programs

If you are already a blogger or vlogger, you likely already use affiliate marketing tools to make money. Real estate affiliate programs are the same as most affiliate programs you already use, but the links you share point to real estate-related products or services.

If your blog or vlog is real estate related or your target audience might be interested in anything to do with real estate, it can be a great way to make money in real estate. Many affiliates can add to your platform to help you educate your audience, give them the tools they need, and make yourself a nice commission.

Affiliate Program Payment Process

Every affiliate program has a different payment process. They most commonly pay affiliates at the end of the month for any referrals sent their way. How much each program pays varies by program, though.

Some affiliate programs pay a flat fee per referral, while others pay a percentage of the sale. As long as the referral uses your affiliate link to sign up for the service or buy the product, you'll get credit for the sale and receive your payment as agreed upon in your contract.

Real Estate Affiliate Program Pros

  • You might earn high commissions. Most real estate affiliate programs offer high commissions because the products or services they sell are high priced.
  • It's easy to increase your sales by offering value-added services to your audience. When you become the go-to expert in the real estate industry, your followers will trust the links you share too.
  • It's easy to vary the content you offer. Since real estate marketing isn't something that you can niche down, you might have a large audience to market to and increase your sales.
  • The demand for real estate content is high. With the real estate industry still booming, buyers, sellers, and want-to-be real estate professionals are always looking for content and advice that you can provide alongside your affiliate links to get more sales.

Real Estate Affiliate Program Cons

  • You need a large audience. Because real estate products and services are expensive, you need a large audience to eventually make sales.
  • The real estate industry is competitive, so it can be hard to 'make it big.'
  • You need a lot of expertise. Because you'll have consumers and professionals looking up to you, it's imperative that you provide accurate information that your audience wants to read or see.
  • You have to appeal to a variety of people, which means you can't focus on a single niche. You need to appeal to a large variety of people, which could make creating content more difficult.

25 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2023


Nolo is a legal advice site, but that's what many people looking to buy or sell a home might need. Nolo offers DIY legal document preparation plus legal advice to help people buy or sell primary residences, vacation rentals, or any other type of property.

Nolo pays high commissions starting at 25%, but they'll pay 35% if you have more than $2,000 in sales per month.

Nolo is one of the most highly regarded online legal websites. They offer great marketing tools for any real estate affiliate marketer making it easier to earn sales using their program.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is for the followers considering a real estate career as a real estate agent. This is a different niche than those blogs or vlogs that cater to buyers and sellers, but it can be a great way to get more followers.

Real Estate Express has 350,000 members and offers a 3-step process to help members become real estate agents.

Real Estate Express pays affiliates 20% of all sales through their affiliate programs. On average, that means $35 per sale.


If you've ever looked for a house, chances are you've come across Realtor.com, as has most of the country. It's one of the most well-known real estate websites that works for buyers and renters.

While the profits aren't very high for the affiliate program, you don't have to make a sale to earn a commission. Instead, Realtor.com pays affiliates a flat $5 for every lead they send to Realtor.com.

House Plan Gallery

House Plan Gallery is for your followers that want to build their own house. Most people don't know where to start, and House Plan Gallery can help. They provide professional house plans to help buyers determine precisely what they want for their home.

The plans House Plan Gallery sells an average of around $1,000, and they pay affiliates 20% of each sale so that you could make about $200 per sale.

All Things Real Estate

Real estate agents need marketing materials to keep their business booming. So if your followers are real estate agents, use the All Things Real Estate affiliate program to give your real estate agent followers a chance to get some great swag.

The program includes signs, flags, directionals, and even key tags and bottle tags. The materials are attractive, eye-catching, and high-quality enough to share on your channels.

All Things Real Estate pays its affiliates a 15% commission.

Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs provides clients with plans or drawings for their dream home. They don't come cheap, at an average of $2,500 per plan, but they are plans that dreams are made of. They currently have over 30,000 plans for sale, and they also have real-life pictures of some of their plans built in other areas.

Affiliates earn 5% of each sale and the satisfaction of knowing you helped your followers build their dream home.

Corporate Housing by Owner

If a part of your target audience is traveling professionals that might need a temporary home, adding the Corporate Housing by Owner real estate affiliate program to your blog can make you some money.

CHBO matches professionals with already furnished rental properties. They have a large inventory of homes, including condos and townhomes, to help you increase your earnings.

To earn a commission with them, you can refer professionals looking for short-term rentals or homeowners looking to rent out their property.

They pay 2% - 3% of each rental you refer and a $40 flat fee for every homeowner you refer.

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Real estate investors often look for property management companies to help with some of the work, but they can cost a lot of money. Buildium helps with this situation by offering property management software that does the hard work of rent collection, tax filings, and other administrative work, so owners don't have to.

If your audience includes real estate investors, add Buildium to your list of affiliate programs and earn 25% of each sale.

Land Century

Land Century is a search engine for vacant lands. If your niche is real estate investors, you might have a good-sized audience looking for vacant land that they can improve and build on how they want.

They also offer subscription programs for landowners trying to unload it from their inventory. Sellers can list one property or hundreds. But, of course, the more you list, the more money you make.

They pay commissions on both referral traffic and sales, and the commissions vary from 5% - 25% depending on the sale amount.

Lending Tree

Lending Tree is a loan marketplace that matches borrowers with lenders. They have one of the largest networks of mortgage lenders, making it easy for people with all different types of situations to qualify for financing.

Lending Tree pays affiliate marketers for every lead they send their way. Since Lending Tree is a household name, it's easy to get your readers to visit and potentially complete an interest form to get more information, so you earn commissions.


If your website focuses on real estate investors, Foreclosure.com is one of the best affiliate programs to put on your website. Foreclosure.com is a search engine for investors looking for undervalued properties.

Their affiliate program pays advertisers a 25% commission for the subscriptions their users get by following the link from your website. If you are a high-volume affiliate, you may also be eligible for a higher-paying affiliate program.


If you have room on your site to promote properties meant for travelers or business travelers, check out the VRBO affiliate program. VRBO offers short-term rental properties for vacationers and business travelers, making it an excellent site for those who also have travelers as their target audience.

VRBO is a part of the Expedia family, so you also get access to other affiliate programs related to travel to increase your commissions. You can earn around 3% of each sale as commission, or you can earn a commission for each seller you get to list their property on VRBO.

Property MOB

Property MOB offers real estate courses for real estate wholesaling and virtual assistant services for real estate companies. This gives bloggers and vloggers many opportunities to make money using their real estate affiliate marketing program.

Property MOB offers commissions for both one-off sales and ongoing subscriptions. Their payouts tend to be higher than most other real estate course affiliates, so it's a good one to add to your rotations to increase your earnings.

Real Estate Affiliates

Real estate investors are constantly looking for new ways to invest, and crowdfunding can be one they miss. Real Estate Affiliates pays affiliates commissions for the investors you send their way who invest. They offer a variety of ways to earn income on their site, including cost per action marketing and cost per lead marketing.

Lex Levinrad

If you're trying to provide your followers with as many reputable real estate courses and educational content as possible, Lex Levinrad should be on the top of your list.

Lex offers a variety of courses and boot camps that help people interested in investing in real estate take that first step. Some of his courses are pricey, which is good for your commissions, but he also offers plenty of free content for you to share on your site to make the sale.


Help your real estate agent readers get access to high-quality leads with LeadsBridge. It promises to help agents with quality leads and simplify the workflow and make real estate agents work smarter, not harder.

LeadsBridge offers many digital marketing techniques to help you increase your sales while you help real estate agents build their businesses.

LeadsBridge pays a 20% commission, which is on the higher side for any affiliate program.


BoldLeads is another affiliate program that works with real estate agents to give them leads. The software program is plug-and-play for real estate agents, and it helps bring in both buyers and sellers. In addition, real estate agents don't have to do anything - BoldLeads sets everything up for them.

You can earn a $20 flat commission for every sale you refer.


If your real estate niche is real estate investors, DealCheck can help your followers analyze values. You can import property data, get financial reports, and determine the right values for potential real estate properties.

DealCheck pays its affiliates a high commission of 30% for each sale.


Landlords have a lot of work on their shoulders, but Avail can help alleviate it by providing DIY rental property management software. The automated software saves landlords time and money and also provides them with a library of educational materials.

The affiliate program pays $20 per membership and helps landlords save the money they'd spend on a property management company.

New Silver

Real estate investors looking for financing don't always find it at a local bank. New Silver is a company that specializes in financing for investment properties. Not only do they work with investors that might not get financing the traditional way, but they can provide approvals within 10 minutes and fast funding.

New Silver offers an affiliate program that pays $15 per application started with your referral.

Showcase IDX

Real estate agents with a WordPress site can use Showcase IDX, a plugin to bring in more leads for real estate agents. Showcase pays its affiliates 10% on direct referrals and another 15% on referrals that your referrals send.


If your audience is tired of searching for real estate and coming up empty-handed, BirdDogBot may be just what they need to find the best property listings. It allows investors to narrow down their options based on the exact details they want, and then they can get the targeted information in their email inbox each day.

For Sale By Owner

Help your readers learn how to sell their home by owner and save on the real estate agent commission fees. With property owners paying as much as 5% of the sales price to agents, For Sale by Owner can help them save a lot of money and put more money in your pocket.

For Sale by Owner pays affiliates 20% of their sales, which comes out to around $80 per sale.

Homeowner Referral Network

If your platform has anything to do with the real estate market, you can use the Homeowner Referral Network affiliate program to make extra money. This network provides referrals to top-notch contractors for home renovations and remodels. The commissions the network pays are high, and you get the satisfaction of helping homeowners find what they need.


HomeAway is more of a travel affiliate program, but who wouldn't love to promote getaways to exotic locations to their followers? All you have to do is list some of their listings on your site, and if your followers rent the property, you earn a commission.


Can You Make A lot of Money Participating in Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

How much money you earn on your real estate blog from a real estate affiliate program depends on how active you are, how many followers you have, and which programs you choose. Can you make money? Absolutely. Will it be enough to quit your 9 to 5 job? Probably not.

How Do I Choose Which Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Sign Up For?

Choose the affiliate program that makes the most sense for your audience. The real estate affiliate programs we mentioned above cover the gamut of real estate topics from property investors to online real estate, the home buying process, and online real estate education. Decide which affiliates fit your audience, and don't waste your time on those that your audience won't have any need for.

How Do I Maximize My Real Estate Affiliate Income?

You can maximize your real estate affiliate income by diversifying the programs you choose. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and assume you'll make a lot of money. Instead, diversify by promoting various programs to see which makes you the most money.

What Is the Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

There are many high-paying affiliate programs, but most depend on the type of sale you make. For example, some programs pay you for leads and sales. The sales will make you the most money, but leads can add up too.


Monetize it with the best real estate affiliate programs if you run a real estate blog or vlog. You'll make money just by pointing your followers in the right direction and helping them on their journey in real estate too. Learn more by signing up and visiting our blog.


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