Empowering Investors: The New Legislation That Redefines Accreditation

Published on
July 25, 2023
Empowering Investors: The New Legislation That Redefines Accreditation

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In the world of investing, the term "[accredited investor](https://www.sec.gov/education/capitalraising/building-blocks/accredited-investor)" has traditionally been synonymous with high-net-worth individuals or entities. However, a recent legislative change is set to redefine this term, opening up new investment avenues for those who may not meet the traditional wealth requirements. The [Equal Opportunity for All Investors Act of 2023](https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/118/hr2797), recently passed by the House of Representatives, aims to democratize the investment landscape by expanding the definition of an accredited investor. This groundbreaking legislation is set to revolutionize the financial industry by providing more individuals with the opportunity to participate in a wider range of investments.

The Evolution of the Accredited Investor Definition

Traditionally, to be considered an accredited investor in the U.S., one needed to meet specific income or net worth requirements. This included an annual income of $200,000 individually or $300,000 jointly with a spouse, or a net worth exceeding $1 million. Accredited investors have access to investment opportunities such as private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and other offerings not registered with the [SEC](https://www.sec.gov/). These investment opportunities are often considered more lucrative, but they also come with higher risks, hence the need for accreditation to ensure investor protection.

However, this definition has been evolving over the years. In August 2020, the [Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)](https://www.sec.gov/) amended the definition to include investors with professional knowledge, experience, or certifications, in addition to the existing income or net worth tests. This amendment was a significant step towards making the investment landscape more inclusive, allowing individuals with the requisite knowledge and experience to participate in these investment opportunities.

The Equal Opportunity for All Investors Act of 2023

The latest amendment, the Equal Opportunity for All Investors Act of 2023, takes this evolution a step further. The Act mandates the SEC to develop an examination process for individual investors aiming to obtain accredited investor status. This exam, administered by the [Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)](https://www.finra.org/), will assess an investor's knowledge and qualifications to participate in specific investment opportunities.

The goal is to make the accredited investor definition not exclusively tied to wealth, but also to knowledge and expertise. This change reflects a shift towards inclusivity, allowing knowledgeable investors who may not come from means to access opportunities previously reserved for the wealthy. This is a significant step towards democratizing the investment landscape, as it acknowledges that financial acumen is not solely tied to wealth and that knowledgeable individuals, regardless of their financial status, should have the opportunity to invest in these offerings.

Implications for Investors

This change has significant implications for investors. It means that more people will have access to investment opportunities previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals and entities. This includes private equity, hedge funds, real estate investment funds, and specialty investment funds focusing on crypto.

However, it's important to note that with these opportunities come risks. Accredited investors are considered to have a higher level of financial sophistication and are therefore given fewer regulatory protections. They are presumed to have the financial knowledge and ability to bear risks and invest in illiquid assets. Therefore, while this legislation opens up opportunities, it also emphasizes the need for financial education and an understanding of the risks involved in these investments.


The Equal Opportunity for All Investors Act of 2023 is a significant step towards democratizing the investment landscape. By expanding the definition of an accredited investor, it opens up new opportunities for individuals who have the knowledge and expertise but may not meet the traditional wealth requirements. At Concreit, we believe in empowering all investors, and we're excited to see how this change will shape the future of investing. This legislation is a testament to the evolving nature of the financial industry and the increasing recognition of the importance of financial literacy. It underscores the fact that financial acumen, rather than wealth, should be the determining factor in accessing a wider range of investment opportunities.

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