The 7 Best Real Estate Apps in 2022

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March 17, 2022
Best Real Estate Apps

Today real estate is more digital than ever. For example, some companies incorporate 360-degree virtual house tours to give buyers a chance to form an opinion before visiting the home. The best real estate apps in 2022 can help you be a more informed buyer, but you must use the right one.

We’ve outlined what we believe are the top apps to help you make home-buying and real estate investing more fun and less stressful today.

What Are Real Estate Apps?

If you haven’t bought a house for many years, you might wonder what real estate mobile apps have to do with it. Don’t you just hire a real estate agent when house hunting, find homes in the MLS listings that look like a good fit, and make decisions?

Today, you can, but there are more effective ways to house hunt using the real estate apps that are right for you in 2022.

Think of real estate apps like having 24/7 access to your favorite real estate agent. You can browse thousands of properties yourself, get the information you need, and start formulating your plan of attack to buy a home.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate App

A quick real estate search online, and you’ll find hundreds or thousands of real estate apps. Like most apps, though, no two are created equal. Think about what you want from an app when deciding if it’s right for you.

Here are some areas to consider.


What do you want from your real estate app? Do you want 3D house tours, or is a basic listing acceptable? Do you want video tours to view the house, crime rates, school ratings, and geographical information?

Narrow down the features you want to help you decide which real estate apps in 2022 are right for you.


If this is your first time buying a home, or you’re buying commercial real estate for the first time, you want an app that will walk you through the process and provide educational opportunities. Since real estate is likely one of the largest investments of your lifetime, educational components are important.

Home Value Estimates

Knowing how much a home is worth (approximately) can help you decide if it is within your budget. Knowing how much you can bid (or want to bid), you can use the estimates to help you make informed decisions before taking the time to see the home and finding out after the fact that it’s outside your budget.


If you’re looking to move cross country or maybe invest outside of your area, a real estate app that focuses nationwide may be a better option. You can see which areas are the least expensive and/or the most profitable to invest in. But, if you have a specific place in mind, you might want an app that focuses regionally and provides more intricate property details.

The 7 Best Real Estate Apps of 2022:

  1. Concreit

Real estate investing is made easy with the Concreit App technology. You can invest with as little money as you want. Concreit allows everyday investors to invest in commercial real estate, which typically only wealthy individuals can do. 

When you invest with Concreit, you invest in a fund that invests in short-term loans for real estate professionals - typically builders or developers. The Concreit App facilitates the delivery of  weekly  dividend payouts. Some of the high-level pros and cons may include:


  • Anyone can invest. You don’t have to be accredited
  • You can invest with as little as $1
  • You can invest in a fund that invests in commercial real estate, so you do not have to manage the physical property


  • There’s an annual fee of 1% of your assets under management
  • It costs you money to sell your shares (more if you don’t keep the investment for over one year)
  • Concreit is a relatively new investment property app, so there’s not much history to go off of
  • Concreit does not provide fair market value estimates of individual properties 

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  1. Zillow

Zillow is the most comprehensive real estate app out of our list of the best real estate apps in 2022. It’s one of the most recognized names, and it offers the most features and number of properties listed within the app.

You can find homes for sale as well as for rent, making it a universal app no matter the type of real estate you’re looking for. Zillow offers many ways to see a home, including 360-degree video tours and expansive photo opportunities to view the house.


  • Access to the largest number of homes, including Zillow-owned homes, which you won’t find in any other app
  • Offers 3D home tours
  • Has many filter options to make finding your dream home faster and easier


  • The ‘Zestimates’ which are estimates of a home’s value according to Zillow can be off
  • It can take up to 24 hours for a house to change status from ‘for sale’ to ‘pending sale,’ for example
  • It can be hard to determine who the listing agent is when you’re interested in a home
  • Cannot invest directly through the App
  1. Redfin Real Estate

Redfin isn’t just a real estate brokerage firm. They also operate one of the most lucrative real estate apps on our list. The release of their app allowed them to go nationwide, making it easy for anyone to access a Redfin real estate agent today.

Redfin doesn’t just list homes for sale, though. They also play a prominent role in educating buyers on finding the perfect home. You can take free home buying classes, set up alerts for homes that fit your criteria, and research the neighborhood all in the Redfin app.


  • The real estate values are much closer to the fair market value because they’re determined by real estate agents and not an algorithm
  • The commissions Redfin charges sellers is much lower than the market average, which can mean more savings for homebuyers
  • It helps you learn everything about a home, its neighborhood, and potential before you commit


  • You must live in one of the 90 markets Redfin operates to use a Redfin agent. Otherwise, it’s just an app with home listings
  • It lacks sorting features which can make you feel like you’re starting from scratch with each search
  • Redfin doesn’t assist with rental properties
  • Cannot invest directly through the App
  1. Trulia

If you care about more than the home itself and want to know about an area’s demographics, Trulia is the app for you. Not only does it provide information about local schools, shopping, and the crime rate, but you can also see polls Trulia has taken from people in the area discussing significant issues or concerns. Hence, you know what ‘real people’ think versus just the real estate agents trying to sell a home.


  • Trulia offers some of the most accurate home values compared to the fair market value determined by appraisers
  • You’ll get much more information than just the description of a home, which can help you make a better buying decision
  • It’s easy to find information for the listing agent for each property


  • Trulia offers some information that may feel unnecessary, such as how many single people live in the area
  • The crime map isn’t user-friendly
  • It doesn’t have as many property listings as Zillow
  • Cannot invest directly through the App
  1. Rocket Homes

If finding mortgage financing and a home at the same time feels overwhelming to you, consider the Rocket Homes app, which works alongside Rocket Mortgage. You can get all theyou some answers you need for home buying and mortgage financing in one place, killing two birds with one stone.

If you’re looking for personalized support to buy the right home AND find the right mortgage, you’ll find what you need in this free app.


  • You can get pre-approved for a mortgage right in the app, so when you’re ready to look at homes, you’re already a preferred buyer
  • They list homes for sale throughout the country
  • You’ll be partnered with a Verified Partner Agent who will walk you through the buying process


  • Mortgages are the primary business of this company, with home sales coming second, so it might not be right for first-time buyers
  • You must use Rocket Mortgage if you want to buy a home with Rocket Homes which eliminates your chance to shop around
  • There aren’t any homes for sale by owner on the app
  • Cannot invest directly through the App
  1. Xome Real Estate

If you’re in the market for an investment home and would prefer to own the property itself rather than just shares like the Concreit app, Xome Real Estate is an attractive app. Xome lists only homes for sale auction-style, giving you a head’s up on which homes are about to hit auction that are a good deal in your area. While you might not be able to view the house, the Xome app gives you as much information as possible.

You can bid on residential and commercial properties through the Xome app, including short sales, foreclosure properties, and pre-foreclosure properties.


  • It offers an easy way to find auction properties in one place, cutting down the time it takes to find fixer-uppers
  • Provides early access to homes before they hit foreclosure, giving you the option to make an early bid and win
  • Provides access to Xome exclusive properties that you wouldn’t find without Xome


  • You can only find auction properties, not homes listed in the MLS
  • The app is relatively new, and there hasn’t been a lot of time to work out the bugs
  • You might need to pay cash upfront for a property in a Xome auction
  • Cannot invest directly through the App

Sometimes you just need help finding a rental rather than a home for sale, and offers just what you need. We like to think of as the equivalent of Zillow real estate for rentals. currently has the most extensive inventory of rental properties, along with pictures and videos to help you decide if a property is worth seeing in person. Despite its name, you aren’t restricted to just apartments - they list homes, townhomes, and condos for rent too.


  • has one of the largest inventories on the market
  • If you find the perfect property, you can apply right through the app
  • There are many ways to filter using the information and search feature


  • You can only find rental properties, not homes, townhomes, or condos for sale
  • There isn’t a lot of demographic information about properties available
  • You have to pay to apply to rent properties
  • Cannot invest directly through the App

Real Estate Apps FAQ

What Is the Biggest Real Estate App?

The Zillow app is the biggest real estate app, and not just because it’s the most well-known, but because it has the largest listings available out of all real estate apps. As a result, you will find homes for sale by owner or homes listed in the MLS and Zillow-owned homes, which increases its scope.

Which App Is Right for Selling Houses?

Redfin is an attractive app for selling houses for one reason -– relatively lower commissions. If you list your home with Redfin, you’ll pay roughly 1% - 1.5% commission versus the typical 3% - 5% commission most real estate agents charge. So, if you’re selling a $200,000 home, that’s a difference of $4,000 - $7,000 in your pocket.

How Do Real Estate Apps Determine Home Value?

Real estate apps use a combination of actual data from local homes that are recently sold and advanced technology to come up with home estimates. Some apps, like Zillow, have a reputation of being slightly off a home’s value, whereas apps like Redfin are more accurate with the value.

Are Real Estate Apps Accurate?

Just like humans, real estate apps can make mistakes too; and, in most cases, they are using estimates and only the data that is available to them. Whether they don’t have enough information or the algorithms are slightly off, it’s not unusual for real estate apps to be inaccurate, but they are just as inaccurate as you’d find humans performing a fair market value analysis.


Real estate is an excellent investment in any market, and using one of the best real estate apps in 2022 can help you on your quest to find the perfect home. But, of course, no app is perfect, just as no real estate agent is perfect.

The right app for you comes down to personal preference. Do you care more about accurate values, demographic information, or education about buying or selling a home? You can have it all when you find the app that’s right for you, and the good news is that each app listed in our choices is free, so it doesn’t cost a thing to try them all. 


This information is educational, and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which can only be made through official documents such as a private placement memorandum or a prospectus. This information is not a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell an investment or financial product, or take any action. This information is neither individualized nor a research report, and must not serve as the basis for any investment decision. All investments involve risk, including the possible loss of capital. Past performance does not guarantee future results or returns. Neither Concreit nor any of its affiliates provides tax advice or investment recommendations and do not represent in any manner that the outcomes described herein or on the Site will result in any particular investment or tax consequence.Before making decisions with legal, tax, or accounting effects, you should consult appropriate professionals. Information is from sources deemed reliable on the date of publication, but Concreit does not guarantee its accuracy.

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